Baby Wraps to Keep Your Little One Close & Comfortable

Babywearing is an age-old practice that’s still embraced today—and for good reason. The best baby wraps let your little one snuggle into your body, keeping them calm and cozy, while you get on with your day. Better yet, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), babywearing promotes parent-infant attachment and prevents crying—win-win! Although there […]

10 Pregnancy Myths Busted

Do do this. Don’t do that. With all the pregnancy advice out there, it’s hard to keep track of what’s safe and what not—and what you should really believe. Here, with the help of experts, we break down the top 10 myths surrounding pregnancy so you can enjoy (many) of your favorite things guilt-free. Of […]

Complications of Pregnancy

What are some of the more common complications of pregnancy?Although the majority of pregnancies are uneventful, sometimes complications do happen. The following are some of the more common pregnancy complications. Illustration demonstrating visible bleeding during pregnancyClick Image to EnlargeBleedingBleeding in late pregnancy may be a sign of placental complications, a vaginal or cervical infection, or […]

Dos and don’ts for a safer pregnancy!

Do take folic acid and vitamin D Folic acid reduces your baby’s risk of neural tube defects to almost nil. It is ideal to start taking it three months before conception but if it’s too late for that, don’t worry but start taking the recommended daily amount now and continue taking it until the end […]